A-Key works with almost all kinds of meat and a wide range of specifications and qualities. A wide network of contacts and meat knowledge is our base to meet customer demands on the Swedish market. We deliver meat to the retail, wholesalers in the HoReCa sector and raw materials to the food industry.

Our supplier base consists of leading meat companies in the EU who regularly supply us with goods from all over the world. With a number of these suppliers, we have longstanding strong relationships both business wise and personally.


The foundation for our work and for the products we sell is to follow the law which covers the activities of A-Key. We want to deliver the quality required by the customer, and strive to meet all specific customer requirements.
Product safety and quality

In 2015 A-Key AB became BRC certified, which means a greater obligation to keep track of producers and increased responsibility towards our customers. We want to deliver food which complies with legislative requirements covering the products in our catalog. BRC certification means that there are rules for how we are to work with critical control points (HACCP), producer approval, labelling and traceability.

Our ambition is that all producers who deliver products to us are certified according to a GFSI recognized quality standard. We have a process for approving suppliers and regularly raise issues such as quality, food safety and animal welfare. These issues are growing in importance in order to be able to meet the customer specific requirements which we face today.


Information regarding data protection - GDPR

A-Key AB process information about customers and suppliers according to current legislation. The information concerns name, address, telephone number, mobile number, mail address, account number and in some cases registration number of private companies and is only used in connection with purchases, sales and invoicing. The CEO is ultimately responsible for the information. Please find contact details to A-Key AB below and under Contact.



BRC Agents and Brokers 2019-2020

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